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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Run for One More 10K

Cape Girardeau, MO -- November 6, 2010
(Results @ Cape Road Runners: )

First year for this event, and Race Director Shelly Gerard has a fantastic 10K course to challenge the folks who are looking to break away from the 5K rut.  Lots of hills first couple of miles, then leveling off for a trip downtown and back on Broadway.  Re-tweeked my gimpy hamstring during warm ups and it started to cramp up on me climbing first hill on Cape Rock Drive.  The rest of the race is spent trying to run at a pace where the pain is manageable.  Land on about 6:30 minute miles.  Know now that I will not be racing for a while, so just letting the chips fall.  Probably would have slowed down more, but could hear Kevin Dorris breathing down my neck.  He was a big help in pushing me on.  Remember seeing overall winner Chad Sierman going through the first mile split coasting up the hill on Dunklin.  Don't see him again until the awards ceremony.  Chellie Jannin wins the 10K female overall.  5K overall winners were D.J. Priggel and Jacqueline Heath.  Great job by Shelly and her people on the course were real pros.

Female Overall Winner Chell Jannin breaks away from pacer
Joe Windeknecht with a strong finishing kick.

Shannon "Rising Force" Aldridge.

Kevin Bramlett: 2nd Overall in 10K.

L to R - Chellie Jannin, Shannon Aldridge, Shannon Daniels, Emily Goode and Kevin Bramlett.

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