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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Adam McGee Memorial Mile

Blodgett, MO -- March 5, 2011
(Results @ SplitMaster Timing: )

A rainy morning in Blodgett, and the 43 brave runners will get to fight a 20+ mph headwind to finish the last half of the race.  Running 5th, I am lucky enough to get the front row seat for what turns out to be one of the best races in recent memory.  A final 800 meter dog-fight between Delbert Marriott, Kevin Hammes, Elliot Shearon, and Taylor Vaughan.  Traci snaps six photos of them coming back from the cemetary, and the runners have changed positions in four of the shots!  Taylor breaks away at the finish to not only take the overall, but also crack the 5:00 minute barrier with an impressive 4:57.  Charleigh Brookshire wins the female overall.  Ron Rosati, Jessica Rosati, and Dr. Mitch Gerber...two races in two different counties...all before lunch.  You guys are beasts!

43 runners take the line on a rainy day in Blodgett.

Delbert Marriott, Elliot Shearon, Kevin Hammes, and Taylor Vaughan
battle it out for the overall.

Taylor Vaughan pulls away in the final meters to claim the win
with an impressive time of 4:57.

Female overall winner Charleigh Brookshire (R) and Jessica Rosati (L)
battle stride for stride to the finish line.

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