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Saturday, May 28, 2011

5th Annual Chaffee Race for the Cure 5K

Chaffee, MO -- February 26, 2011
(Results @ Cape Road Runners: )

A well organized event that's getting bigger and better every year, Race for the Cure features Race Director Travis Calkins' flat, fast, and accurate course that allows everyone to see who was running during the cold winter months, and who went into hibernation.  This year's field swells to nearly 300.  After almost four months of rehabbing my hamstring, I'm finally ready to take it out for a test drive.  Don't even try to stay close to all the fast folks up front, but rather start cautiously and look to speed up a little each mile.  Find that everything is functioning again as mile splits are 6:08 / 5:58 / 5:49 / and 0:35.  The "kids" whip up on all us this morning as Eric Schott and Ashley Schmittzehe win the overalls.  Another fine job by Travis and his crew.

Taylor Vaughan pulls away early from a field of nearly 300. 
Also pictured L to R: Joe Windeknecht, TJ Matthews, Kevin Hammes, Eric Schott,
Delbert Marriott, and Billy Leighton.

Overall winner and future Missouri Southern Lion Eric Schott.

Ashley Schmittzehe with a final kick to win the female overall. 
Chellie Jannin is second.

L to R: Kevin Bramlett, Jamie Sander, Shannon Aldridge, Shannon Daniels,
Brandon Bryant, Chellie Jannin, and Rhonda Windeknecht.

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