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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Saturday-Seven 12K

Cape Girardeau, MO -- May 7, 2011
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The former Sunday-Seven 7-mile race makes its debut as the Saturday-Seven 12K.  The new course is certified and state record-eligible.  Seventy-one runners take the line under a cloud cover that would soon turn into a pouring rain.  Five new state record holders are crowned.  Carol Winter (F-49), William Zoughaib (M-12), Brian Pickard (M-37), Kevin Hammes (M-45), and Kevin Bramlett (M-49).  Overall winners were Taylor Vaughan and Chellie Jannin.

To break the M-49 state record, it would be necessary for me to average a 6:29 pace.  Plan was to start around 6:35 - 6:40, ease into today's race effort, get to the turn-around point in about 24:00 minutes or so, then make a strong push to finish.  Made three attempts to pick up the pace, but could never get settled in.  Hit the five mile split at 32:24 (6:29 pace).  Was not comfortable and it was now pouring rain.  Knew that if I didn't go now, would probably come up short.  Put my head down and took off.  Finished off the last 2.46 miles in 15:08 (6:10 pace).  Ran the first three miles with Steve Schmittzehe who would finish 4th overall.  Good company and the miles and time flew by.  Lots of support, encouragement, and cooperation from other runners on the trip back, including a timely pick me up low-five from Bobby Hearnes.  Andy Johnson ran a solid race.  Lenny Martin was a warrior.

The local racing community had been waiting for this race for several months as many wanted a crack at the 12K Missouri state records.  71 runners toed the line to compete in the first 12K race in Cape Girardeau. 

Cloudy day and looked like it could start raining at any time as we lined up for the out-and-back on the Osage Trail from our starting point.  I lined up by local triathlete extraordinare Taylor Vaughan and was looking to stay as close to him as I could for as long as I could.  He always sets a brisk pace.  I hit the 6K turnaround point at 22:25, 18 seconds behind Taylor and we started back as it began to spit rain at this point.  It began to rain steadily at the 4 mile mark and was pouring as we came over the bridge and off the Osage trail for a sprint to the finish.  Taylor held true to form and maintained a good even pace and I was only able to gain a few seconds back during the back half of the race.  He finished with a 44:51.7 for the win;  I finished 14 seconds behind him with an elapsed time of 45:05.2.

I was happy with my race and several new state records were established.  My training partner Kevin Bramlett finished third overall with a 47:32.4 and established a new 49 year old record by negative splitting his race... Solid racing strategy as usual.   Steve Schmittzehe finished another solid effort by coming in forth overall with a time of 49:04.  Andy Johnson rounded out the top 5 male finishers with a 50:10 as he continues to improve with each race.  The local boys represented Cape county well today.  21 runners ran under 60 minutes today.

Top 5 women finishers:

1.  Chellie Jannin, Jackson, MO ----------------------------  57:43
2.  Kate Wayman, Cape Girardeau, MO -----------------  58:54
3.  Sarah Eftink, Cape Girardeau, MO -------------------  59:52
4.  Carol Winter, Uniontown, MO -------------------------  1:00:00.3  Female Master's winner
5.  Jeanie Asher, Cape Girardeau, MO -------------------  1:02:51


While most runners are resetting their Garmins, soon to be state record holder Carol Winter
and overall winner Taylor Vaughan are ready to roll.

Male Overall Winner: Taylor Vaughan.

Female Overall Winner: Chellie Jannin.

Three of Missouri's newest state record holders: (L to R) Kevin Bramlett (M-49),
William Zoughaib (M-12), and Kevin Hammes (M-45).

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