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Saturday, March 28, 2009

2009 Spring Classic Run

The 2009 Spring Classic Run began and finished in the north  part of Cape's West Park Mall parking area with Mid-America Rehab acting as a major sponsor for the race.  The morning started off rainy and in the low 40's temperature-wise.  Fortunately, the rain stopped just before lining up for the start of this 3.30 mile route.  This year's race included a nasty uphill run up Blattner Drive during the 2nd mile.  People going out a little fast in the first mile often "pay the price" and even the most seasoned, trained runners find this part of the course challenging.  The race concludes with a run around the perimeter of the mall and finishes near Mid-America Rehab.

Cape Roadrunners provided the timing for this race.  Post-race amenities included all-you-could-eat pulled-pork burgers.  They were tasty.

Overall female/male winners were Lora Coots in 25:16 and Kevin Hammes with an 18:59 finish time.

Age-group Leaders:
15 & Under:    Male:  William Zoughaib- 22:15
20-24:               Male:  Joshua Lester-20:33////////////Female:  Stacy Dohogne- 31:10
25-29:               Male:  ----                        ///////////////////Female:  Jennifer Maroscher- 27:16
30-34:               Male:  Taylor Vaughan-22:19/////////Female:  Rachel Zahner- 26:29
35-39:               Male:  ----                             ////////////////Female:  Chellie Jannin- 26:18
40-44:               Male:  Tomoaki Nomi- 22:02/////////Female:  ----
45-49:               Male:  Steve Schmittzehe-21:43//////Female:  Paula Castleman- 27:01
50-54:               Male:  Paul Mell- 21:32//////////////////Female:  Becky Myracle- 32:18
55-59:               Male:  Mitch Gerber- 34:39
60-64:               Male:  Hugh Hammond- 37:34
65-69:               Male:  Ron Ruminer- 33:43
70+:                  Male:  Peter Blums- 28:22


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