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Saturday, August 2, 2008

2008 Sikeston Rodeo Run

Sikeston, MO -- August 2, 2008
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This 5K race during Rodeo week in Sikeston, Missouri has quickly become a local favorite.  The course is flat and very fast.  It always draws a good crowd and takes place just before the start of high school cross country season so all the young speedsters are ready to run.

This year's event took place on a typical hot, humid day in early August.  The air temperature was approximately 85 degrees prior to the start of the race with the heat index in the mid-90's.

Top 10 finishers in this race show many of the future stars in track and cross country in the SE Missouri region as well as several of the "gray beards" of the road circuit.

Logan Davis of Scott City took top honors with a sizzling 16:27
2nd:  Roy Leighton of Cape Girardeau with a 17:03
3rd:  Eric Schott of Cape Girardeau with a 17:08
4th:  Kevin Hammes of Scott City with a 17:25
5th:  Arthur Waddle of Dexter with a 17:45
6th:  Billy Leighton of Cape Girardeau with a 17:50
7th:  Ryan Johnson of Cape Girardeau with a 18:16
8th:  Glenn Stellhan with a 18:35
9th:  Nathan Uding with a 19:30
10th:  Brandon Shemonia of Scott City with a 19:57

Anyone who follows area running will recognize the talented young men in this top 10.  Many of them have gone on to set numerous school records at their respective high schools.  There is also a person in this group who can lay claim to being a collegiate national champion in the 10,000 meter run.  Arthur Waddle, who graduated from Poplar Bluff High School in the early 1980s still holds the 1 mile and 2 mile records at his alma mater.  He went on to run for Southeast Missouri State University and earned the title of Division II National Champion in the 10,000m run.

The top 5 women finishers in the 2008 Rodeo run were as follows:
1st:  Marissa Jones in 23:23
2nd:  Elizabeth Schlosser in 24:05
3rd:  Ellen Boucher in 25:44
4th:  Melanie Whitener in 26:05
5th:  Bonnie O'Reilly in 28:01


The 2008 Sikeston Rodeo Run would be my third attempt at a 5K, and the first I would run after making an effort to "train" specifically to run a race.  Several things would happen to fuel my addiction to this new hobby.  I had heard Art Waddle's name at the awards ceremony following The Jackson Homecomers 5K on July 22.  I had not seen or spoke to him since high school and was not aware he was still running.  Re-introduced myself this morning and started up what would be several years of fun and friendly competition when he moved into the 45-49 AG later in the year.

While no where near the front of the pack, the race went well.  I PRed (which most runners do in their 3rd 5K and first on a flat course), broke 22:00 minutes for the first time, and won my age group for the first time.  Amazed at how fast all these high school kids could motor in the heat and humidity.

Most memorable was the gentleman who called out to me after crossing the finish line to shake my hand and tell me nice race.  Later, while I was sitting alone on a picnic table, he came over and introduced himself as Wayne Corse.  Asked how long I had been running (a little over a month), and proceeded to take twenty minutes of his time to share valuable advise most newbies have to find out the hard way.  Needed to get some real running shoes (not the geriatric mall walkers I was wearing) or I would get shin splints.  Told me I had the potential to run a 5K in less than 20:00 (no way, I'm way too old already to ever be able to do that). Got several more bits of training advise and a suggestion to run the Dogwood-Azalea 5K for its flat and fast course (not to mention one of the best and most organized races in the area each and every year).


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