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Saturday, July 12, 2008

21st Annual Capaha Classic 5K Run

July 12, 2008 was a typical hot, humid day in SE Missouri as 121 runners toed the line at beautiful Capaha Park in Cape Girardeau, MO for the 21st edition of the Capaha Classic 5K run.  As is usually the case in this race, the elite high school and collegiate runners show their talent to the thrill of spectators and other participants.

The overall male winners consisted of SE Missouri's XC team as they were evidently out for a "tempo run".  The overall female winners were a collection of the best of the best area high school distance runners.

Male Overall Winners                                 Female Overall Winners
1.  Brandon Karcher          16:15                    1.  Veronica Schabbing             19:34
2.  Brad Chronister            16:23                    2.  Hannah Blalock                    19:47
3.  Daniel Stults                  16:46                   3.  Tara Johnson                        22:02

Age Division Winners 
14 and Under:   Male:  Brandon Shemonia- 21:53          Female:  Taylor Dickerson- 24:05
15-19:              Male:  Travis Blalock- 16:59                 Female:   Jessica Banda-22:34
20-24:              Male:  Jared Milam-16:57                     Female:   Amy Guignon-24:01
25-29:              Male:  Charles Lawson- 24:14              Female:   Jennifer Lipe-30:56
30-34:              Male:  Mike Higgins-26:38                    Female:  Patty Merkley-27:19
35-39:              Male:  Glenn Stellhorn-19:24                 Female:  Chellie Jannin- 27:17
40-44:              Male:  Kevin Hammes-18:21                 Female:  Lora Coots- 24:37
45-49:              Male:  Johnny Vavak- 21:56                  Female:  Paula Castleman- 25:37
50-59:              Male:  Paul Mell- 21:18                         Female:  Peggy Hill- 33:19
60-69:              Male:  Tom Wallgren- 29:03                  Female:  Barbara Pumm- 33:00
70+  :               Male:  Peter Blums- 29:31

Good local race with nice awards.  Well set-up event.  If you enjoy running in warm weather, this is your race as it is nice and steamy year after year.

A special shout-out to Peter Blums, a true testament to the benefits to getting off the couch and "getting some miles in".  I enjoy watching you compete and hope to be doing so in my 70's.


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