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Saturday, December 3, 2011

St. Jude Memphis Marathon / Half Marathon

Memphis, TN -- December 3, 2011 (Results @ St. Jude Marathon: )

Words and pictures from St. Jude Memphis Marathon Weekend from the participants themselves.  Special recognition goes out to our local Boston Qualifiers: Brigitte Kinnaman, Chellie Jannin, Ron Rosati, Steve Schmittzehe, and Joe Windeknecht.  Great job guys!  Congratulations to all with PRs and first time FM and HM finishers.  Special props to all who raised money for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

Post-Race Recovery Dinner: "I believe I consumed more calories than I expended during the marathon." - Ron Rosati.
(Photo by Ron Rosati)
"Ran the half in 2:14:26. Improved my time by 8 minutes from the St. Louis Rock and Roll. Proud to have run for Brody and Nolan and am very proud of Brody's parents for running their first half marathon together. Paula Castleman ran the half in 1:51 and was 5th out of 174 in our age group. I drug in at 72.”
Kristie Milam (Half Marathon)
“Official time was 2:23 and something seconds. Not my PR but pretty good considering I managed to hurt my knee at mile 6. Wonderful race to be involved in.”
Stacie Johnson (Half Marathon)
“Finished my second Marathon today in Memphis in 3:37:53.  Most definitely learnt that pacing myself at the beginning of a race to ensure I have enough left to have a negative split actually really does work! Never believed it till I tried it! I always believed in putting it in the bank. So I'll work on that again for sure because it worked!  Congratulations to all my running partners who helped me train for this and a big CONGRATULATIONS to all of you on your fabulous finish times!”
Brigitte Kinnaman (Full Marathon)
“Brigitte ran the St Jude FULL marathon today in 3:37.53. Her personal best. Finished in the top 10 percent. That a girl. I guess I will keep her!”
Jerry Kinnaman (RE: Brigitte Kinnaman)
Remnants from Brigitte's Boston Qualifying performance.
“Back from Memphis, had an incredible time, just love the atmosphere of that run, plus had an amazing dinner with friends, raised $560 for St. Jude's, and set a new half marathon PR. My realistic goal was 2:30, my ambitious goal was to beat last year's time, which I did by around 2 minutes. New PR: 2:15:45.”
Linda Robert (Half Marathon)
“Finished in 2:13:38 and I think that’s the biggest nastiest blister I have ever seen.”
Rachel Theall (Half Marathon)
“Finished my first full Marathon today in Memphis. I ran the first 16 miles with Ron Rosati and ran around a 7:47 pace. Unfortunately the camber of the old streets proved to be too much for my troublesome ankle. I finished in 3:54:45. Thanks for running with me Ron! Special thanks to Amy Aldridge for taping up my ankle. The tape stayed in place and it was very helpful.”
Brian Jannin (Full Marathon)
“Had a great time in Memphis with so many of our Cape Girardeau area runners. Finished the half in 1:58:04. It was nice running through the streets of Memphis, lined with cheering crowds. I especially liked Beale Street. A bunch of us half-marathoners met up to cheer for our full-marathoners as they finished. And then there was the gut-busting dinner at Texas de Brazil. I just wish I had a bigger stomach (and a super-high metabolism). Thanks, friends, for sharing this wonderful experience.”
Jessica Rosati (Half Marathon)
“Ron Rosati ran his first Marathon in 3:34:39 (8:12/mile). Great job, Ron! Love You!”
Jessica Rosati (RE: Ron Rosati / Full Marathon)
Ron Rosati's first full marathon is a BQ effort. (photo by Marcus Janzow)
“2:23:32 official time! Gorgeous day and no injuries!!”
Shannon Daniels (Half Marathon)
“Home from Memphis, 2:11 1/2 marathon time, very happy with time!!!!”
Anna Phelps (Half Marathon)
"What a great weekend with great friends for a great cause: St. Jude Childrens Hospital. The marathon had unbelivable crowd support from start to finish. I can't believe it would be any better anywhere else. Southeast Missouri was well represented with 5 of our locals qualifying for Boston. Planning a group trip to Boston Marathon in April 2013. We also had a very strong group completing the half there. Great job by all who participated."
Joe Windeknecht (Full Marathon)
·         Joe Windeknecht = 3:11:42 for his first marathon.  FYI everyone, Mr. Joe Windeknecht     placed 49th overall at the Memphis Marathon! That's pretty awesome.
·         Steve Schmittzehe = 3:15:00 for a new PR. Great job. 
·         Paul Schell HM finish of 1:29:35. Nicely done.                                                              
Various (RE: Joe Windeknecht & Steve Schmittzehe / FM, and Paul Schell / HM)
Joe Windeknecht and Steve Schmittzehe: First steps to Boston. (photo by Megan Schmittzehe)
“2:04...I think I have the post-race blues. I trained for months and now it's over and I have nothing to obsess about.”
Stephanie Bryan (Half Marathon)
"I ran the Memphis half last year and I love that this is for St. Jude. Several of us from our local running group decided it was time for the full marathon. I have run for about 3 - 4 years and I have run 6 half marathons.
Race morning is awesome about 49° and cloudy but no rain. My running partner and I decide to try for 3:40 but to start slightly ahead of the 3:40 pace group. We start out feeling great actually have the 3:35 pace group in sight for many of the first miles. Only about 3 miles into the race I toss my gloves way too hot for them. Much of the first few miles go by easy no big deal the run down Beale St is awesome great crowds. About mile 5 or 6 is the St Jude's campus and I can barely keep my breathing under control and I speed up because I have to get out of there. Once we are out of the campus Brigitte reminds me we must slow down.
Next memorable place is the Zoo, we turn into the zoo Brigitte points out that is where they keep the lions so if they escape...I finish the sentence for her "run faster!"
The zoo has its normal YMCA dancers and next the photographers in the air of course we pose for them!
Miles keep clicking by no big deal still feel pretty good. Mile 15 uh oh port o potty stop, I lose Brigitte. I race out of the port o potty see a pace group and ask one of the guys which pace group is that he tells me 3:40 Oh #@&* and I take off trying desperately to catch the 3:40 group and so may times I just about reach them.
Mile 19.5 I see the back of Brigitte and my husband (poor guy has been having ankle issues) catch hubby and tell him come on hoping he can help get me back on pace, nope he tells me go on finish strong. Next couple miles I can see Brigitte but can't catch her. Now I have spent way too much energy trying to catch up too quick.
Problem number 2, you know how they say never try anything new on race day - not always a guarantee. On our long training runs I have had a Clif Mojo bar at mile 15 never had any trouble with it in training. It takes almost 2 miles to eat 3/4 of the bar and it is making me SICK on race day.
I vaguely remember the mile 20 mark and I think to myself "just a 10K left I like the 10K." We had ran one 22 mile training run so up to this point I keep telling myself you have been this far you've got this.
Miles 24 - 26 are the longest miles of my life. I have to force myself to think of something other than my hurting feet. Every little slight incline feels horrible, at some point some little girl tells me it is all downhill from here SHE LIED!!! Mile 26 you turn a corner and there is a horrendous (at least by mile 26 is feels horrendous it probably is not really very big) on ramp that I must run up.
Then I start to recognize that yes it is almost over there is the stadium the soft feel of the outer track, the finish line and WOW I am a marathoner! Finish time of 3:42:14.”
Chellie Jannin (Full Marathon)
Sometimes you get to come home with more than just a finisher's medal and t-shirt!

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  1. congratulations to all runners from cape who finished the full and half at st judes. nice way to represent the semo runners