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Monday, July 18, 2011

2011 Healthpoint Independence Day 5K

Jackson, Missouri -- July 4, 2011
(Results @ Cape Road Runners: )

Seventh race in the 2011 Grand Prix Series and 350+ dedicated athletes wait out a 20-minute rain and lighting delay.  Field is filled with many of the area's best college and high school runners.  The young guns bring their speed and take 10 of the top 12 overall spots.  Missouri S&T's Wynn McClellan takes the overall with a 17:07.  Jackson High's all-stater Taylor Dickerson wins the female overall with an impressive 19:17.  Other age-group winners:

Under 14 – William Erwin (19:02)
15-19 – Tyson Stoverink (17:56)
20-24 – David Welker (20:08)
25-29 – Jeremy Smith (20:32)
30-34 – Joe Jacobs (19:42)
35-39 – Don Brown (18:43)
40-44 – Joe Windeknecht (19:11)
44-49 – Kevin Bramlett (18:45)
50-54 – Mark Kamp (23:00)
55-59 – Dan Farrar (23:35)
60-Over – David Hardesty (28:20)
Under 14 – Chelsea Drum (22:55)
15-19 – Lindsey Seabaugh (20:28)
20-24 – Alyssa Bollinger (23:05)
25-29 – Kate Wayman (23:51)
30-34 – Presi Sams (23:39)
35-39 – Melissa Schwab (23:37)
40-44 – Colleen Odam (24:58)
44-49 – Rhonda Miller (28:00)
50-54 – Cindy Drewett (24:48)
55-59 – Joan Farrar (38:22)
60-Over – Marilyn Bell (32:10)

This race has "sentimental" value for me.  Three years ago today, it was my first 5K.  Enjoyed it so much that I haven't stopped since.  Had another blast today as my son and his girlfriend from Rolla joined me for the second consecutive year.  Chipped another 0:51 seconds off my  course PR for a 10th overall finish.  Spent the last half of the race jousting with Don Brown as we dueled up and down the last two hills and tried to run down as many of the kids as we could reel in.  (Don out-kicked me of course!)  Splits of 6:05 / 6:07 / 5:58 / 0:35 as I'm finally starting to figure out how to race this challenging course.
-Kevin Bramlett

Rain delay ball!  350+ toe the starting line.

Two old men chasing the jack-rabbits: Kevin Bramlett and Don Brown.

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  1. This was also my first 5K two years ago in 2009. I did not run it last year. This race marked my first sub 20 minute 5K with a finishing time of 19:42. This bests my 2009 time in the race by 2:46. I like Kevin had an interest in racing sparked by this race in 2009. I think what's cool and unique about this sport is the support from the athletes in the running community. Everyone genuinely wants each other to do well. Awesome!